Why we Squat: 5 good reasons

1 A squat is a shout of resistance against an economic system that forces us to dedicate most of our salary and money to meet the basic need of having a roof over our heads. It is an act of disobedience against the logic of the capitalist system that turns everything into merchandise. It breaks the laws of supply and demand, it is a space outside of monetary exchanges. It is a stop, a base, a space that enables us to escape from and form relationships independent of economic blackmail.

2 A squatted space enables us do things collectively, and to form communities. It is not only a shared physical space. It is walking together and working together. It is escaping from the isolation and lonliness imposed on us by the society we live in.

3 A squatted space is a space that allows groups and collectives to meet and self-organise, without having to depend on institutions. Working in assemblies, without specialisation etc, it enables us to design our own personal and collective lives: to be our own plumbers...

4 A squatted space is a reminder and a reaffimation of the struggles of most of humanity: of the agricultural labourers who squatted and continue to squat land, of the neighbourhood associations and collectives who squatted houses in the 1970s, of the workers who took over and managed the workshops and factories, of the people's fiestas that took the streets and squares, etc.

5 They are forcing us all to become landlords, to spend forty years paying the banks, to tie our lives to a mortgage and to live in fear of lodsing our jobs, to place respect for private property over people's needs. They are forcing us to become traitors to ourselves.

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