FAQs (frequently asked questions) about squatting

Everything you ever wanted to know about squatters and never dared to ask. There are questions that get asked over and over again, and here you have some of the answers.

Hi, how are you?
This is the question we get asked most often, and it is the one we find most difficult to answer. But, as human beings we are flattered when someone takes an interest in us, and it is important to us that they do because we care about our surroundings.

Do you realise what you are doing is illegal?
Yes, but squatting is a practice that brings the housing problem into the light. Meanwhile legality protects a series of speculative, coercive and repressive practices... it may be illegal to squat, but it is legitimate.

Do you really think this will change the world?
Ufff... wouldn't it be wonderful? Probably at most it will change my life, which is a big thing in itself. Then, if we all get together, maybe we can do something. What i do know is that you don't win a struggle if you don't even try.

Do you have your own room?
Mostly yes. But each house is organised differently and makes its own decisions about the internal structure. Some people want their privacy, and other people prefer to share rooms.

But if you share everything, what about your lover?
This question has been asked over and over again by colectives that have been working towards transformations in social and emotional relationships for many many years, and there is still no clear answer. We keep trying...

Why do squatters smell bad?
I don't understand the question.

But you do know that house isn't yours?
Obviously I don't have a piece of paper saying I own this house. But I use it and give life to a Pero como le doy un uso y vida a una building that was abandoned, so, for now, it is mine.

What will you do when the police come?
Firstly, close the door. After that there are many different strategies to face the police... and a lot creativity.

What will you do when you have kids?
Not everyone wants to have kids. Some people bring their children up in squats. Y también hay quienes les matriculan en La Pinya.

What will you do when they kick you out?
As the popular saying goes: "un desalojo, otra okupacion!" (for every eviction, another squat)

How did you get inside?
Secret of the trade

But, do you work?
Yes. We educate your children, we deliver your letters, we make stupid (bu stylish) webpages, we translate your texts, we are at the desk dealing with your bureacracy..
But the real question is: Why do we work? If I wanted to buy a flat screen I would have to dedicate six months of my salary to it, that way I can earn a living.

Why do you always listen to 80s music in the squat parties?
I don't know. I haven't been to Can Vies in ages.

What do you do apart from throw parties and piss off your neighbours?
In geneneral we try to respect the people who live around teh Social Centres. many of the activities we do not only do not annoy the neighbours, but they even take part. If you want to know more details about the activities available, check out info usurpa.

Did the police ever hit you?
The police don't only hit squatters. They repress poor people and anyone who thinks differently. It is a shame it works out easier to hit the squatters than dangerous politicians and violent land developers

Don't you have anything better to do with your life?
Yes, indeed I do have better things to do. Right now, in fact. Bye!

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