NEW! KSU Zuid-West

October 9th, 2010

From KSU-WEST and KSU/Squattinggroup de PIJP

Dear squatters and sympathizers,

With this letter we want to announce the inspirational fact that from August the 2nd KSU-West and KSU / Squatting group the Pijp are going to merge into one big KSU. We are going to work together as a bigger force to fight for social housing rights, to fight for social rights and freedom overall, to fight against the sale of social housing and gentrification overall. And also to do more, as it is of course not all about squatting houses.

After participating in discussions lately (SOK in Plantage Dok for example) and hearing about how much difference there is between squatters in the city on both the political and personal level, we have decided to do something totally opposite. This is to combine our forces and work together as one KSU at the same table. It’s actually nothing new since both KSU-West and KSU-Pijp often work together organizing squatting and squatting- related actions. Both the Pijp and the neighbourhoods in the west have suffered for years under a huge gentrification operation, forcing low-income renters to move to the outskirts of the city. At the same time the yuppies take over and make our neighbourhoods sterile, boring and expensive. As participants in our KSU’s (West and Pijp), we have created similar ways to deal with this issue and have similar political ideas about the world around us. That is why we decided to start an experiment and work together. Maybe soon KSU-West will speak dutch and KSU-Pijp will start squatting houses that are actually empty.

We are living in very interesting times. We can feel the breath of the squatting ban on our necks and extreme right wing parties are getting more and more popular, not only in the Netherlands but in the whole of Europe. Cops are putting the screws even tighter, imposing their police state. Even though the coming law is not yet active, we’ve already been experiencing its effects for years. There are fewer and fewer squatting actions city wide and general stagnation in the political aspect of squatting. A lot of people are poorly informed about the upcoming law or how to squat a house while it is still legal. People at KSU’s end up playing cards during their information hour rather then being able to offer useful information because there is barely anyone asking for it. People keep saying that it’s getting more and more fucked up. It seems like we are all going to die on the 1st of October and not 2012.

It’s time to turn this negative spiral around and pull out some Aces. The future will show, but the time for talking is over, the time for action is now. We want to focus on Actions!

Practically this means that from the 2nd of august KSU – West and the Pijp will now become one: KSU Zuid-West. The function of the KSU’s will continue as we all know it. From now on the location will be the Molli, where every Monday from 19:00 – 20:00 we are open to “give advice” to people interested in squatting and to help organize their actions. Just like it was before. And of course the Squatting group the Pijp will also stay the same, where we (now with squatting group West) are there to do more actions than just squatting a house once in a while. People can also come to us if they have action-ideas on wider issues. The only difference is that our operation area contains all the districts in Zuid and West of Amsterdam. This makes us the biggest squatting kartel/assistance hour in the city. Therefore we would like to stretch some other issues as well and turn them into action.

every monday from 19:00-20:00
MOLLI_v Ostadestraat 55 hs
From KSU-West and KSU/Squattinggroep de Pijp

Current alarm

April 24th, 2010

Current alarm version: 4.10

Kraakgroep Geuzeveld zet opnieuw succesvolle Kraak

February 14th, 2010

KraakGroep Geuzeveld heeft vandaag opnieuw met Succes een leegstaand Appartement in gebruik genomen.

Twee Agenten die eerst met hoge snelheid voorbij het pand reden, kwamen ´n paar tellen later dan toch bij het goede pand aan.
Ze kwamen ietwat onzeker over in eerste instantie, wisten niet zo goed wat ze daar nou moesten.

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zaterdag lunch/opendag bij “de hallen”-krakers

February 4th, 2010

as. zaterdag organiseren de krakers van de hallen een opendag met brrrlunch voor de buurt en andere belangstellenden

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de Hallen-krakers bestrijden uitspraken stadsdeelvoorzitter

February 2nd, 2010

Met verbazing hebben de krakers van “de Hallen” kennis genomen van de uitspraken van stadsdeel Oud-West voorzitter Bouwe Olij, gistermiddag onder andere in het Parool. Read the rest of this entry »

Mislukt prestige project De Hallen (A’dam Oud-West) gekraakt

January 31st, 2010

Zojuist heeft een diverse groep activisten, jongeren en kunstenaars een deel van de voormalige tramremise in de Bellamy/Kinkerbuurt bezet na langdurige, structurele leegstand.

Een paar hallen moet rode puntdaken zijn nu weer in gebruik
Een paar hallen moet rode puntdaken zijn nu weer in gebruik Read the rest of this entry »

ksu-west benefit dinner sat. 30 january

January 26th, 2010

This saturday, 30 jaqnuary, Kraakspreekuur West (squatting assistance group West) will host a benefit dinner at MKZ. Nice food, drinks and movies!

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ksu- west benefit party friday 18 dec.

December 18th, 2009

Tomorrow, friday 18th december, there will be a benefit party for the Kraakspreekuur West in Zaal 100

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Kraak Da costastraat Amsterdam

November 15th, 2009

Vandaag zijn er woningen op de da costastraat 110 en 112 gekraakt.

da costastraat 112  en 110
da costastraat 112 en 110

Vandaag rond een uur of 13:00 zijn de meeste panden op de da costastraat 110 en 112 gekraakt.

zondag ‘s ochtends vroeg was men al bezig met voorbereidingen en het maken van de soep, en de humus met brood. Het eten/lunch voor de mede-krakers en de eventuele buur. Na enige planning bewoog men naar de verzameling locatie waar gewacht werd op nog meer mensen.

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Herkraak Van Boetzelaerstraat! buurtbrief vol II

November 11th, 2009

11 november 2009

Beste buren,

Succes! Op dinsdag 10 november ontvingen wij een brief van Ymere. In deze brief staat dat de werkzaamheden aan het blok AB24 deze week zullen starten.
Helaas is het niet de eerste keer dat Ymere dit heeft beloofd. Toch hopen we dat Ymere nu haar woord houdt. We zullen daarom vrijwillig vertrekken. Zoals we altijd hebben gezegd, willen we de start van het project niet vertragen, en daarom kiezen we er opnieuw voor de appartementen vrijwillig te verlaten.
Wanneer Ymere wederom faalt haar beloftes na te komen, zullen wij terugkeren. De strijd gaat door!

Met vriendelijke groet,

Kraakgroep Staatsliedenbuurt
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