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World Homeless Action Day is a worldwide collaborative effort that is held on the 10th day of October every year…….

We would like to welcome you all to your website. This is the ‘official’ website of the global campaign, our ‘home’ if you like and we welcome your input, suggestions and help.

help the homeless

What should or could be done on this day? The day is there for you and your community to use to create change and make a difference in the lives of people who are experiencing homelessness in your local area.

There seems to be an international day for this or that all the time. Sometimes even an entire week or month is devoted to focusing our attention on an issue or group of people in need. These can be very powerful opportunities in terms of fundraising, awareness-raising, and garnering significant political power.

There is no prescriptive call to action such as everyone lighting a candle or marching. World Homeless Action Day is a gift to the homeless sector and everyone in it to use in any way they want locally, providing the opportunity to point to something larger internationally and draw strength from that.

open your heart

If you are part of a grassroots campaign, charity or indeed an unaligned individual consider taking advantage of this concept to gain connections with members of your community that you don’t have already. For example, World Homeless Action Day is the perfect opportunity to contact a local school, church or service provider. Contact them, offer guest speaking opportunities, and suggest partnering to raise money. Politicians can be encouraged to release new funds or proposals on the day or to acknowledge the good work already being done by people and organisations in their city or state.

In some countries, 10/10 is used as a benchmark day each year to note progress. It should be noted that, to date, current and formerly homeless people have done more than anyone else housed or working in the sector to promote World Homeless Action Day and encourage charities to become involved.
World Homeless Action Day could be … [insert your idea] … if you make it happen.

its within your power

What you can do today to prepare for 10/10/13:

• If you are a service provider and attend meetings with other service providers, put discussion of World Homeless Action Day on the agenda.
• If you need support in planning the day or want to collaborate with others involved, leave a comment, mail us or join our facebook group

legal notice:

In order to maintain the core grassroot philosophy of World Homeless Action Day, World Homeless Day and World Homeless Action Movement, we have secured copyright on a number of terms and phrases associated with our campaign under the Berne Convention. Please get in touch if you notice any misuse or have any concerns….
We have a number of legal advisers and attorneys on the team!

Homelessness does not describe a type of person, but a housing situation. It’s a state – not a trait!

Poverty like rust never sleeps, neither will we, whilst one of our brothers and sisters face hardship…

Feel free to contact us for  more info: whad [at] squat [dot] net

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5 responses to “About Us

  1. Thank you so much for this! I will share it widely. I work with homeless/houseless advocacy groups here in Portland, Oregon, USA.
    Here, we are also working on a Homeless Bill of Rights for this state.
    The more of us who rise up and speak out, the better – worldwide!

    World homeless action day , which was set up across the globe a few years ago ,by a few of like minded people including myself who had either worked in homeless projects or had experienced homelessness itself , it is an initiative to hold local events to raise funds for grass roots projects .
    Since its beginnings 3 years ago the idea has spread and Over the last 3 years on or around the date 10-10 (10th of October) there have been people linking up to raise awareness and make a difference in their own communities , from collage campus kids in Ohio opening up vacant buildings , to Canadian housewife’s doing street soup runs, within their communities .
    The last 2 years i used my knowledge and networks around my music experience as a DJ , and grouped a few DJ’s and musicians and artists to get involved and we all came together in London and we have held party’s over the last few years and raised a few thousand pounds to which some other funds were added from a few benefactors such as the Amy Winehouse foundation .
    With the money raised ,we helped enable a grass roots homeless organisation “The Pilion Trust ” start up a cold weather shelter for young homeless people in Islington east London was set up over the cold winter months , with not one kid under 21 returning to the street ..
    This year we aim to do the same, with a more bigger goal , we will be holding the event in north London , based around Arts And Music with a variety of DJs and artists from across the uk coming together to Raise awareness and celebrate our love of humanity .
    After the event people will be asked if they want to come and help volunteer at the night shelter , and see exactly how their much appreciated money is spent and also help out further in the projects as they get off the ground .
    At the moment in the UK, the government are cutting so much money from the vulnerable and needy and communities are being divided , services are being closed left right and centre which means that people who fall on hardship are being passed from pillar to post .
    This is a direct action to the governments harsh cutbacks , we hope you will support us , More info on the date and venue will follow !
    Philanthropy ( A love of Humanity )
    Kenny Mulligan
    Founder & Head Fundraising Coordinator
    Philanthropy Collective

  3. Nice one Ruthie, saw your site to…actions fo 10/10 this year including video, audio, photo’s, links to media etc can be sent to whad [at] squat [dot] net
    The team can then collate them for this site and other media streams we work with..
    Portland is definitely an area that needs actions I feel



  4. Hi there, we have made this short film in order to promote world homeless day, generate discussion and get people thinking. The idea is to challenge the usual homeless stereotype http://youtu.be/fwdpzT0gYVw


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