Bicycle Tour to the IMF and World Bank Summit in Prague

We are going with the Bicycle Caravan to the World Bank and IMF summit in Prague!

The first "Money or Life" Caravan went to the WTO ministerial in Geneva in May 1998. Thereby only the Suisse participants did arrive Geneva, the rest has been deported out of Switzerland after an action at a woman prison in Switzerland.

Even two caravans went to the Summits of EU and G8 in cologne, one from Basel, the other from Dresden. Afterwards the caravan went in a new combination to the border camp in Zittau. The bicycle-caravan can be considered as a permanent demonstration - wherever we arrive we attract attention and awake interest by peoples for our aim.

The caravan consists of bicycles and tractors with trailers - one of the trailers with the soup-kitchen ("Kitchen Wagon"). People can read on Banners on our vehicles what we are doing. Moreover we have flyers with us. On the way we will make suitable actions picking up local struggles together with local groups and info shops we're passing, or we are organizing soli-parties for the resistance in Prague. We will pass regions, where only 'right youth culture' ("right wing youth culture") is existent (dangerous!). There we will contrast the nazis by our simple shape. Even if its dangerous, its convenient to show the peoples there - especially the youth - something different, because we are also (not only) carrier of sympathy. The caravan enables possibilities for direct contacts and extraordinary experiences and contribute to the development of supra-regional structures. We hope that we'll have this time more international participation. The caravan is decentralised, because it will not stay at one place, and it's central, because it has the goal of the World Bank and IMF summit in Prague! We have not determined directives for our actions. We don't know rigid ways of politics. You all can participate -

there's no 'official' participation

Indeed: anticapitalism, antifascism, anti-sexism and anti-racism should be consensus!

Our caravan is not only political activity in conventional sense but an approach of practised utopia within the meaning of libertarian society, solidarity and autonomy. Money doesn't play any crucial role, we don't need much, we're looting the containers of supermarkets and anything else which is needed we'll pay together on voluntary base.

The Tour: Meeting 09.09. in Hannover. Start 10.09. -> 21.09. PRAGUE.

We take into account that the caravan might be stopped at the border. In this case we'll attract even more attention by organizing a 'most spectacular. We'll try to reach Prague the 21st of September to the Political Art Festival and to assist the preparations.

O.k.: Take your Bikes, Banners, Guitars or whatever you like and join us! If you have less time you can join the caravan here and there!


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