Out of the Doorways

Welcome to the official homepage of the Homeless Front UK, home of the Out of the Doorways campaign!

Out of the Doorways is a campaign initiated by the Homeless Front UK set to kick off toward late autumn, the purpose of which is to increase options for homeless people relegated to sleeping in doorways and under bridges for many reasons including poor government policy and poorly thought out laws such as the Habitual Residence Test. The plan is to set ourselves up a tent city as the weather begins to turn in the autumn of the year. This past winter was bitterly cold and a lot of rough sleepers normally left to the elements are receptive to the idea.

We have a model in a previous campaign of the same name that led to the foundation of an extant eco-village in Portland, Oregon, called Dignity Village. We intend to adapt this model to the British legal, social, and political geography and to improve upon it if we can.

Portland's homeless village Dignity is legally constituted as a 501(C) 3 non-profit incorporation which lets people who vote for Dignity with their tax dollars write their contribution off when they fill out their income tax forms. That our campaign and tent city may also have this feature in the UK, we're considering registering our campaign/tent city with the Charity Commission as a way of legally constituting ourselves.

Our campaign may end when we've housed a hundred of us or may continue until there's a roof over every bed and a pillow under every head. This is yet to be determined.

If you'd like to learn more about the Out of the Doorways campaign and hear what we have to say, join us at our campaign kick off or contact us through this site. Everyone is welcome!