Mass Squatting Action – Brighton – Oct 13th

Mass Squatting Action – Brighton – Oct 13th

We will resist the squatting ban by any means necessary.
The Squatter’s Network of Brighton is calling for a Mass Squatting Action
on October 13th to resist the new anti-squatting laws. This act is
draconian, unworkable, an attack on our way of living and some of
the most vulnerable in our society. We will not take it lying down.

Around the UK, while increasing numbers are forced to sleep on the
streets, hundreds of thousands of properties are lying empty, decaying and
derelict. We watch property tycoons, speculators and corrupt landlords get
richer, whilst housing benefit is cut and rent goes up.

The UK is facing a massive housing crisis only made worse by the Tory
government, and we – the homeless and insecurely housed – will not stand
for it any more.

As both the birthplace of the bill, and as one of the places where
affordable houses are most difficult to come by, Brighton and Hove has a
special significance in the national and international struggles for the
right to home.

They take our houses, so we’ll take their city!

Everyone to the streets!

Oct 13th, 2pm

Victoria Square Gardens, Brighton



The anti-squatting law against residential properties will take effect
on September 1st

There will be a meeting to discuss the effects of the new law and how
we respond;

Monday 27th August from 2pm

venue at 12-14 Benwell Road N7

(this is the same road as the Arsenal stadium and the building is the
warehouse at the back of the carwash, behind the yellow gate)

—From Advisory Service for Squatters——————-

Here’s our latest understanding, in short:


The new law on squatting (s144 LASPO 2012) will be coming into force
on the 1st September 2012.

Not everyone who is squatting, or considered by others to be
squatting, will be affected by the new law, but people will need to be
prepared to explain, quite forcefully at times, why they are not

The wording of S144 starts:

(1)A person commits an offence if?

(a) the person is in a residential building as a trespasser having
entered it as a trespasser,

(b) the person knows or ought to know that he or she is a trespasser, and

(c) the person is living in the building or intends to live there for
any period.

(2)The offence is not committed by a person holding over after the end
of a lease or licence (even if the person leaves and re-enters the

So Squatting is still legal in non-residential properties. A building
is defined as ‘residential’ if it is ?designed or adapted, before the
time of entry, for use as a place to live?.

You are also not committing an offence if you have, or have had a
tenancy or licence to live in the property, if you are not living or
intending to live in the property, or if you don?t have any way to
know you are a trespasser (in which case you probably wouldn?t be
reading this).

Tenancies and licences do not have to be in writing, but if people
have reason to think they may be accused of breaking the law it would
be best to collect as much paperwork as possible. Tenancies and
licences can also have been granted by a tenant of the owner, or by an
agent, possibly without the owner?s knowledge (but they can check and

Any police officer would need to have reasonable suspicion that you
(or anyone) have committed a crime, to force entry and to carry out an
arrest, so it can be in your interests to explain otherwise.
Explaining through a closed door or upstairs window is always
preferable to letting them in.

Section 6 of the Criminal Law Act 1977 still applies against those
trying to force entry without lawful authority. The problem is that
the new law gives further lawful authority to the police to enter if
they suspect the offence is being committed.

Geneva, Tribunal for Evictions 2012

Geneva, Tribunal for Evictions 2012

The Tribunal for Evictions launches an international call to identify
cases of evictions for its 2012 session. The Tribunal will take place
on 28 September 2012 in Geneva within the Geneva Habitat Forum and for
the launch of the World Zero Evictions days 2012.

» Do not keep silent: communicate your case of eviction!
Fill out the eviction case webform before 31 August!

The International Alliance of Inhabitants is a global network of
associations and social movements of inhabitants, cooperatives,
communities, tenants, house owners, homeless, slum dwellers,
indigenous populations and people from working class neighbourhoods.
The objective is the construction of another possible world starting
from the achievement of the housing and city rights.

Southwark Council served a Compulsory Purchase Order

Southwark Council served a Compulsory Purchase Order to the four
remaining leaseholders at the Heygate Estate.
This is the final step towards fencing the estate off, transfer
valuable public land in zone 1 into the hands of private developers
Lend Lease (Olympic Village bail out, do you remember…?) , demolish
it (phase 1 has already been razed to the ground) and substitute
social housing with luxury residential towers and high end retail. The
remaining homeowners on the estate have issued a statement in response
with more information (see below).

The CPO will be objected on the grounds that the current development
proposals are not in the public interest – so it is important to
spread the word and make this scandal as public as possible. If you
want to know more, see ,

Squatters Convergence Brighton 2012

OH we do like to squat beside the seaside!

Squatters Convergence Brighton 2012
Thurs 17th – Sun 20th May

Following the success of  previous squatting convergences across Europe
(Dijon ’07, Leeds, Berlin ’08 & Bristol ’09) the Squatters Network of
Brighton (S.N.O.B) invites YOU for a weekend by the sea for the next
squatter convergence!
With a bit of luck there should be some workshops (nominate yourself to
run one!) and plenty of opportunities to get  rowdy with your fellow

Celebrate squatting, meet squatters from all over the UK and other
countries, spread the word about what’s going on in your city, and
mobilise for action against the squatting ban right on Mike Weatherly’s
door step.

In true squatter style this event will be focused on D.I.Y. and autonomous
ethos so bring ideas, friends and things to share.

For more information or if you want to get involved in organising, hosting
workshops or other events at the convergence please contact or phone 07583010898

Expect crowded floors and gak galore!