KFBC -- Kinkerstraat 332

Kinkerstraat 324-332 have been squatted to house the EasyCity. Easycity was an action squat against the gentrification of Amsterdam.
After the Easycity, the space was given to two groups that want to organise public events. One group is organising a Food Kitchen, the other group (ASCII)has a free internet workspace.

On saturday the 26th of oktober, 2002, the local police told us that we have to leave the place, as the owner would have done building work in the last year and he rented the place to Ahold (owner of Albert Heijn supermarkets). Our information says that the only building work done in the space was a necessary repair on the floor of the upstairs neighbours and some isolation against the cold, since the emtpy space downstairs made it impossible for the first floor inhabitants to warm their house.
We have started a court case against the state not to be evicted. This court case will probably take place around the 2nd of november.

We will not leave this place without a fight. If it gets evicted, it gets evicted to stand empty again. Before Easycity squatted it, the building has been empty approximately 3.5 years.

KFBC opened for the first time on monday 28. We provided free internet and vegan food for 2 euro. From now on, we'll try to be open for internet daily from 14:00-19:00. On mondays at 19:00, there's vegan food.

Manifestatie 30.11.2002

You can contact us by writing an email to: kfbc@squat.net. You can also reach us in the KFBC: just knock the corner door, there's always someone there.