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(Focus on Secwepemc vs SunPeaks Corperation)


Time: March 9, 2002
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Sun Peaks vs Sepwepemc
Sun Peaks is a Japanese corporation that builds and operates large ski
resorts. The Secwepemc are indigenous people living on land where the Sun
Peaks corporation wants to expand an already exsisting resort. The Canadian
goverment is ignoring their own land claims laws and these peoples rights to
Aboriginal Title in favor of commerce. Ignoring even the simplest of human
rights violations and using intimidation tactics to force them off their land.

"Chase,BC- Canada...the Secwepemc Nation(also know as the Neskonlith) 2,700
Native people strong are fighting the forces of Sun Peaks corporation, Nippon
Cable, Delta Hotels and Resorts, British Columbia Assets and Land corporation,
Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ministry of Highways, Ministry of Environment
and the Ministry of Forestry for their Aboriginal Title to lands allocated
them in the 1862 Neskonlith Douglas Reserve."

"The Canadian government has shown continued "good faith" and responsible
governing in working with Native peoples by arresting an eighty year old
Native elder and many native youth who are asserting their Aboriginal Title,
de-activating roads to the disputed lands, destroying traditional ceremonial
sites, removing three homes of indigenous peoples on the disputed territory
and in serving justice ignoring the Secwepemc Aboriginal Title."

"Since the court injunction that enforced the trespass order and seizer notice
to the Native community (December 3rd,2001) the Secwepemc are fundraising to
pay off their $100,000.00 legal defense dept. They are continuing their
struggle and are preparing to sue the parties involved in the dispute for
destroying of property, homes and sacred sweatlodges; which was not a part of
the injunction but was enforced by the federal police(Royal Canadian Mounted

Sun Peaks and their supports have told the Sepwepemc people that they are too
small and insignificant to be heard especially on a international level.
Myself and others would like to take the opportunity to prove these arrogant
statments false. We are listening; we do hear the voices of the Sepwepemc and
other indigenous peoples struggling for their inherent place in our world.

Thank you for your support.

In Solidarity,
Ravyn C.A. Godwin

-the sections in quotations were taken from a press release from the
Indigenous Environmental Network issues on January 20th, 2002.