What is freestream? It is the simplest possible streaming tool for use in conjunction with icecast. Freestream knows nothing about playlists, filesystems, or even about encoding. It just expects encoded audio data of the right format and bitrate from STDIN and maintains a rock-solid connection to your icecast server. Freestream: the complete package including source code for required libraries and binaries
Freestream 2.0: automatically connects to Icecast admin interface to kick dead sources

mountmv: automatically connects to Icecast admin interface to move all the listeners on one mointpoint to another mountpoint, and also to alias the first to the second

NOTE: The above tools are for use with icecast 1.x and are therefore deprecated. These are the adaptations for compatibility with icecast 2.x (also backwards-compatible with icecast 1.x)

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