the [squat!net] privacy server



Why did we set up another server about cryptografy and privacy?


War is Peace - Freedom is Slavery - Ignorance is Strength.

Since no one is actually interested to keep these pages up to date we prefer sending you to another site about linux security:

Is this what we are longing to? Some people thought: No! We should defend ourselves against any kind of oppression.
Thus the goal of making these pages is to create a web of subversives informations, to connect people, to spread informations and to help other people with problems concerning their privacy. One keyword could be informationguerilla - but it does not hit the point. Guerilla is conditioned by knowledge - we want you to know more than others do. Knowledge is the key. Knowledge has to be accesible by everybody without restrictions.
We need your support to do this. We need your knowdledge to pass it to others. Please help us to do so and inform us about the latest news and possibilities!